Wolf of Manchester: Will lone wolf terrorist attacks lead to TSA like security at public events?

After 9/11 security at airports was increased . In December 2001 there was the first terrorist attack to be attempted . The terrorist able to get on the plane and was stopped not by airport security but rather people on the plane. This was known as the ” shoe bombing” Another example would be the ” underwear bombing” where a terrorist was allowed on the plane.

Things like the TSA maybe make people feel safe but do they are the really as good as preventing terrorist attacks? With the raise of the lone wolf terrorist this makes it harder to the government to know who is a potential terrorist . Over in the UK their stat esurveillance  is much greater than in the US. Yet terrorist attacks still occur.

How do we go about prevent lone wolf terrorist attacks ? Do we end up with government security like the TSA at every public event ? Are people willing to give up there freedoms for security ?

One thought on “Wolf of Manchester: Will lone wolf terrorist attacks lead to TSA like security at public events?

  • May 23, 2017 at 17:29

    The TSA is mainly a impression of control. That is a primary objective in any group of that capacity. They have never stopped a terrorist attack. I believe there needs to measures taken to make sure people are safe on the plane, but I think it has to be quick, non-bias, and subtle. Time and time again we get remembers that terror does not just happen with guns and bombs.
    There is no way to prevent a lone wolf terrorist if he or she plans correctly. (I’d check it out but I’m pretty sure the shoe bombing was talked into to it by FBI agents…. I wouldn’t consider that lone wolf.)
    There is already large scale security at local events. The treatment is the same at a basketball game, concert, and risky bar or club. Still danger arises at these venues. I am not willing to give my freedom up for security.The group that gives thought of security can be abused it’s powers.


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