Will Trumpcare and Tax cuts Make the defict great again?

This week the CBO (congressional budget office ) will score the lasted healthcare bill . They will address how much the bill will effect the deficit . Even without the new healthcare bill , the entitlements are projected to be the largest cause of the deficit from the year forward . The entitlements are not included in the reported deficits but the CBO has the entitlement debt at over 100 trillion dollars . The left often makes the claim of military spending being the cause of the deficit . Between 2008 through 2016 spending on defense/war was did not increase it said the same at around 600 billion. At the same time medicare/Medicaid spending for example had nearly doubled.

The deficit will be increasing without things such as plans for a trillion dollar infrastructure spending purpose by trump or government funding college purposed by the progressives. We must address current fiscal issue before we even talk about these investment ideas.

below is a link  the CBO the shows spending in real-time


One thought on “Will Trumpcare and Tax cuts Make the defict great again?

  • June 30, 2017 at 16:51

    I personally don’t care how big the deficit gets. The dollar is monopoly money. I care what we make happen with the monopoly money that is created. Weather the budget for military spending went up or down that has no bearing on my feeling about the resource wasted.
    The only thing that matters is we take money away from programs that sponsors death and destruction, and we add more money and create programs that build up society.


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