Truth About North Korea’s Economy, In Relation to Russia/China Alliance

A groundbreaking article about North Korea was recently released by Alexander Mercouris, the Editor-in-Chief at The Duran, which stands in direct contrast to what is reported on every major news outlet, and most independent news outlets on YouTube as well.  But the facts are starting to pile up and we can no longer ignore them; the recent ceasefire in Syria being the latest piece of evidence.

What Mercouris reveals is that North Korea has adopted aspects of capitalism and is in an economic boom with a GDP as high as 9{ad240bdc933e8291c170e386d0b01f82788bc4a8ea0d319192e75b222859f323}.  Currently, in terms of its population, 40{ad240bdc933e8291c170e386d0b01f82788bc4a8ea0d319192e75b222859f323} works in the private sector, 85{ad240bdc933e8291c170e386d0b01f82788bc4a8ea0d319192e75b222859f323} get food and goods from private marketplaces and only 6{ad240bdc933e8291c170e386d0b01f82788bc4a8ea0d319192e75b222859f323} still rely on government rations.  To anyone who pays attention to mainstream news outlets, that information should come across as shocking or completely untrue.  However, as the article says, “One of the great problems of the West is that it always seem to struggle to recognise or adjust to a change of reality in any particular given situation.”  I was telling this information to an acquaintance and they responded, “I know that North Korea doesn’t have capitalism, because from space, South Korea is all lit up and North Korea is in the dark.”  And I responded, “When was the last time you took a satellite picture of North Korea?  These economic changes occurred in the last decade.”  The fact of the matter is, North Korea is not the same country it was in the 90’s and the West would be smart to learn that truth.

The problem with Western media sources is that none of them are on the ground in North Korea to report on what they see; and all ground sources from the country, directly contradict the Western media.  We get all of our information about North Korea from South Korea, who have a clear motive in lying about their enemy to the north.  They want to make North Korea sound like a despite, starved, communist wasteland, when the reality is, that the country, while still a dictatorship with unimaginable human rights offenses, economically, is now about half socialist and half capitalist.

Here’s my commentary on this issue: Why is Saudi Arabia our ally and North Korea our enemy?  Both countries are dictatorships with terrible records on human rights and both have adopted aspects of capitalism and socialism.  So what makes a country our ally?  It’s clearly not democracy or capitalism, because this contrast stands in the face of such propaganda.  Of course, if you ask me, the answer is money (and war is money).  The West, knowingly or unknowingly, just accepts the lies from South Korea and for the war machine, that serves as a useful propaganda tool to keep the American people scared and willing to spend hundreds of billions more tax dollars a year on the military industrial complex.  The truth is there’s no reason for you to be more fearful of North Korea than of Saudi Arabia, because only one of those countries has successfully attacked America.

There is a major new China/Russia alliance and it is changing the world stage.  This alliance is important because militarily and economically, the US cannot fight this alliance without risking world war; so the US, in foreign policy, will be, for the foreseeable future, strongly considering negotiations to appease this alliance.  China is not going to break economic ties with North Korea, because they have a 9{ad240bdc933e8291c170e386d0b01f82788bc4a8ea0d319192e75b222859f323} GPD.  Russia is not going to break ties with Syria, because Russia is determined to control the oil in the region and make sure the Qatar/Turkey pipeline is not built, because oil is Russia’s most valuable export and they want to remain a dominant force on the market.  So essentially, this is an alliance between Russia, China, Syria, and North Korea.

So far, the China/Russia alliance has not caused much trouble for America.  We agreed to a ceasefire in Syria, which looks like a promising sign for the future and should be seen as a display of how powerful this new global alliance is.  But can we really be sure that when America agreed to a ceasefire, after looking at all the facts, that one of those facts was not that we want to align with the Russia/China alliance at every opportunity?  So my prediction is based on this sudden agreement of negotiations with Syria that happened after Trump met Putin: The influence of China, backed by Russia, will lead to negotiations with North Korea to be agreed upon.  My commentary is: that’s a good thing.  We need to have more allies and less enemies, and if Saudi Arabia can be our staunch ally, I see no logical reason why North Korea must remain an enemy.  The country has the right to be able to defend itself and Kim Jong-un said in January that he is always open to negotiations with the West and is even willing to suspend programs the US is opposed to.  I think the diplomatic, peaceful route is always the strongest.

The real problems with the Russia/ China alliance is that the US switched to the petro-dollar, so we’re forever economically tied to Saudi Arabia’s oil and our dealings with them could be the real threat.  Saudi Arabia supports the Qatar/Turkey pipeline and Russia supports the Iranian-backed pipeline, and both pipelines travel through Syria.  So at some point, America’s alliance with Saudi Arabia, who has an economic stranglehold on our economy, will butt heads with Russia, who opposes the Saudi-backed pipeline.  Will this ceasefire last?  Will Russia get the pipeline they want?  Will Saudi Arabia be upset that we are no longer using our military to further their economic goals in Syria?  Will they retaliate?  Will we side with Saudi Arabia over China and Russia?  Could that lead to a world war?  Will the United States reach diplomatic peace with North Korea or will the war machine propaganda prevail with their convenient scare tactics?  With these conflicting economic, military, and global realities, there is no certain prediction I’m prepared to make.

7 thoughts on “Truth About North Korea’s Economy, In Relation to Russia/China Alliance

  • July 9, 2017 at 08:16

    very eye opening, thanks for sharing!! “The problem with Western media sources is that none of them are on the ground in North Korea to report on what they see; and all ground sources from the country, directly contradict the Western media. We get all of our information about North Korea from South Korea, who have a clear motive in lying about their enemy to the north.”

  • July 9, 2017 at 09:13

    The article that Alexander Mercouris wrote was very informational. I knew North Korea was doing better than I generally heard from most news sources, but I didn’t think they were doing that well. The fact that they can be considered a “threat” to the United States tells me that they have to be doing better than what I am told. I guess I didn’t know, know. I was more intuition. I have had conversations with many people who live in another country. They generally say that the media is presenting the wrong issues or presenting key issues in a dishonest fashion. Western media is a toxin poisoning people who have low critical thinking skills.

    I honest do not think most of the alternative media is doing a great job either. Like you said in your blog people are not actually in the area of the things that they are reporting on. There research information often comes from the sources that they are telling you not to trust. I see most alternative medias are fighting to stay relevant isn’t of creating a trusted, independent, factual sources. Most alternative medias are just following the flow of the mainstream media, honestly. The misconception that many have about other countries is a key component of what is keeping them blind to different avenues of peace.

    I asked Kevin Blanch his thoughts on the media in a November 5, 2016 interview.

    Every country has the right to defend itself. It would not be fair to have one nation be the one with the most power. If super powers compete for aid instead of destruction we would live in a much better world. Why can’t we be friends with North Korea. There are a lot of countries that are far more dangerous. In life I learned if someone is always in fights they are very likely to be the one who is doing wrong. When was the last time The United States of America was not fighting?

  • July 9, 2017 at 11:16

    Remember when NK was on the “axis of evil” the only other country left on the list is Iran , I see NK is a stepping stone for hwar another “regime change” . The problem for the two is there connections to China and Russia. Also what does these countries all have in common? There all against the dollar as reserve currency.

    • July 9, 2017 at 12:57

      That’s very true, the privately owned Federal Reserve is basically the heart of the military industrial complex. This brings out the conspiracy theorist in me because I think JFK was assassinated because he wanted to establish a Central Bank of America. The term “Axis of Evil” is hilarious because one would assume an “evil” country would be one that aggressively and preemptively attacks other countries; the only country I can think of that fits that description is America.

    • July 14, 2017 at 11:05

      Many countries may be seen as building up to attack or protect itself from America, but I don’t think there will be a large scale war. I dont think America will fight in a losing war. I also think there are people who play the part of enemies that are truly working together. They have to have a show for the peasants.


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