TPPN Quiz #1

The mass media depicts a dumb America by showing incompetent people. They generally show speculates to push an agendas.  Do you think you can do better than the citizens displayed on the news? Take a quizzes to see if you would be denied or given air time. 
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CLICK THIS ARTICLE ABOVE: Mass Media Making America Look Dumb

Desmond Taylor

Hi my Name is Desmond Taylor. I am the founder of The People's Perspective & News. I have my views, but they can always be changed with information given by other. I created this website so people could talk about social and political issues in a intellectual matter. You can read more about the website in the about section. You can learn more about me by following me here and on twitter @Desmond_TPPN.

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  • December 26, 2016 at 14:36

    80{ad240bdc933e8291c170e386d0b01f82788bc4a8ea0d319192e75b222859f323}… I’ll take it!


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