This is Hard Work!

It is degrading and disrespectful for people to tell activists, protesters, or people expressing their feelings to get a job. Most of these people have employment, and the word “job” doesn’t necessarily mean employment. A job is not a 9 to 5 that you hate. If you look up the definition of job you will see that there are multiple meanings. Yes, there are one or two about paid employment but there are more. One definition will say “a difficult task.” Another definition says “a duty.” Activists, protesters, and people expressing their feelings have a difficult task. Often they are the smaller population and have hindrances such as the media, social norms, and a lack of support. Furthermore progression of the people is an American and human duty.



During many of the events I have attended I met numerous people that have more than one job. In fact there are usually a large amount of people that take vacation and days off to show up at these events. The work that they are doing is to protect our livelihood and invest in human longevity. This is as honorable as the image of the military or police. Furthermore, you will find doctors, lawyers, retail workers, restaurant employees, business owners and many other people with various occupations in these crowds. Often there are current and future politicians at these events. If a politician made it into an office without divulging his feelings I would be terrified. When you study American history you will see politicians that you trust used the same tactics to create progression. These events have many people just like you, and most of them have a job just like you. Some of the jobs these people hold impact your everyday activities, as well as the things they may be protesting for.

When public transportation, teachers, or labor unions go on strike no one tells them to get a job. When there are holiday parades or walks for disease cures people don’t say the sympathizers need jobs. There are thousands of people that tailgate before sporting events. When some teams win or lose “important” games there are gatherings of fans in the streets expressing their emotions. These groups have no permits and often the celebration or mourning turns violent. You may see people damaging property, fighting, and disrespecting the presents of enforcement, yet no one tells them to get a job. These events are not called protest and the word “riot” seems to be out of the question. Even the words use to explain the damage that was caused is diluted. When someone says “We lost” or “We won” referring to professional sports teams I want to say “Get a job. (You can’t win or lose in anything when you were only a spectator.”) Fans are not part of the team. At least the people who are protesting on the streets belong to the cause of what they are protesting for or against.

It seems like people are more tolerant with functions that fit within their social and spiritual believes than people who are asking for better treatment as a human. The assumption that people who protest do not have jobs is evidence that the verbalizers of this phrase are willing to let the government rule every aspect of their lives. It also shows that they care very little about the people who are being harmed by the circumstances that have other humans protesting. These are the type of people who will never stand up for anyone else or will only take actions under commands of people that they see as higher power than them. It may be an elected official, enforcement, or just their boss.


Those who ridicule protesters, activist, and others need to realize they should be thanking them. These individuals attend protests after work, take off work, and some lose their jobs to make sacrifices for the greater good. I challenge anyone who has said protesters need to get a job to take on this duty. You have the chance to follow in the footsteps that created a better society. Just remember progression has never been gained with silence and without action.

Desmond Taylor

Hi my Name is Desmond Taylor. I am the founder of The People's Perspective & News. I have my views, but they can always be changed with information given by other. I created this website so people could talk about social and political issues in a intellectual matter. You can read more about the website in the about section. You can learn more about me by following me here and on twitter @Desmond_TPPN.

2 thoughts on “This is Hard Work!

  • November 17, 2016 at 18:01

    But people shouldn’t be protesting elections . That’s the whole point of voting and the constitution . This isn’t some mob ruled society .

  • November 17, 2016 at 22:55

    People can protest elections. That is under the constitution as well. With that begin said I am not one of the people who is protesting the election. I personally feel like the better sack of shit won. I was not a fan of neither of the two main stream candidates, so I knew I wouldn’t be happy about the outcome either way. I voted for a third party candidate. That person did not win, but some of my down ticket selection did win. Even with all that begin said I would like to see if any of my votes or the officials that were elected will help me.
    I have to mention that this article was not about the Presidential elect protest. The are people on the internet that say this about all protest. People were saying this about people attending the DNC. It is funny how people want you to be involved with the government system, but only enough to agree. I have more respect for people who are willing to show up and voice what they want then someone behind a computer screen telling them to stop declaring how they feel. I stand by that even if I don’t agree with what they are saying.


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