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The United States of America is in a major uproar after a t.v. reality star with no background in practicing American law has become Commander in Chief of our country. The private sector has been wrecking the laws of this land for some time now mainly because they don’t want to be held accountable for their illegal activities toward the general public but want the public resources. On my facebook page people are upset that those cheating democrats lost. These people are so use to rape culture that they can’t see past the b.s. dangling in front of them.

How did we get to this point? You can read “Merchant of Grains” by Dan Morgan to get a better understanding of the behind the scenes on how we have become such a disrespectful country. Or you can do the research to explore people, culture and our government as i have been doing for the past five years!!

How do we get pass this point of finger pointing and not taking responsibility for our actions? People have a right to feel anxious and need to vent those feelings. Social media is a great platform for venting and having conversations around the anger that can help open the possibility of creating a better voting system. Half the country didn’t vote in the 2016 election because they don’t feel as if their vote matters. The electoral college is now under attack by the voters who did vote only for their vote not to matter. So there is a push to rid us of the electoral college, but wait there is another problem with rigged elections in our country. The two party system don’t represent the people, they represent the private sector attacking public resources.


As Americans, we expect our voices to be heard, our views to be respected, and our votes to truly count.

Too often gridlock, low turnout elections, and increased polarization are preventing American democracy from living up to the expectations of its citizens. It’s easy to see that something is broken in American politics. It’s harder to figure out why – or how to move forward. We examine some of the most pressing problems in American democracy and discuss ways to address these issues.

We can bring people back into the voting process with #RankChoiceVoting. Rank Choice Voting aka Instant Runoff voting was introduced to me while covering a Green Party 2016 election rally in Philadelphia. The process of rank choice voting allows voters to choose the candidates that they would like to see hold office versus voters only being able to see the two major corporate parties pretending to work for the people. Our vote would matter and would allow for better representation of the people in the political office. Please sign the petitions for Congress to pass the Voter’s Choice Amendment!!

Thursday night’s FiveThirtyEight podcast discussed Question 5 on the ballot in Maine – the option to adopt ranked choice voting (RCV) for elections in the state starting in 2018. As the team pointed out, it is especially relevant to Maine, given no Governor has been elected with a majority of the vote since 1998 – indeed, this has happened in 9 of the last 11 races

Letter to President-Elect Donald J. Trump

November 13, 2016President-Elect Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump For President, Inc.
725 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10022Dear President-Elect Trump:We represent the interests of Independent voters throughout the United States. Please accept our congratulations on your election. We wish you success in achieving the goal of fixing our nation’s “rigged” political and electoral infrastructure. Throughout the campaign, many Americans—whether they voted for you or not—expressed their urgent wish to see our political system put in the hands of the people, not the special interests, be they financial, partisan or ideological. We believe that reforming our political system and revitalizing our democracy is key to solving our nation’s profound problems.

Independent voters give their allegiance to the American people and to our nation, above any allegiance to a political party or party boss. We played a key role in the 2016 elections, and many of us listened carefully to your pledge to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. of partisan, meretricious, self-serving office holders and lobbyists. We write today to urge that you begin to take steps in this direction. As you can see from the polarized and passionate reactions to your election, America operates with a system that fosters division and misunderstanding. We believe the partisanship of the system manipulates and degrades ordinary Americans in all communities. No amount of “data” or “demographics” can make up for the fact that both parties have failed our country and its people. We must, as a nation, create new tools for political participation and national development.To begin, we ask that you attend to the problem of partisanship in government. You can re-vitalize the composition of all high-level government departments, offices, agencies and instrumentalities, within your powers under Article II of the U.S. Constitution, by assuring that an appropriate number of appointed managers and office holders are Independents. This would reflect that 43 percent of the country today consider themselves to be unaffiliated with the two major parties. This representation should include, without limitation, your Cabinet; the Federal Elections Commission; the Federal Communications Commission; the Federal Judiciary; and all other federal authorities, agencies and instrumentalities for which you have appointive authority, with or without the advice and consent of other branches of government.

We also ask that you appoint a Special Presidential Commission on Election Reform to study how to reform the electoral and political infrastructure of the United States to put more direct power into the hands of the American people; again, it is essential that the membership of the Commission consist of ample representation from Independents. From the persistence of closed primaries which lock out millions of younger and other non-aligned voters, to systems of partisan redistricting, to the electoral college itself, the barriers to popular self-governance are deeply entrenched.

We believe that taking these actions will go far in fulfilling your pledge to the American people to fix the rigged system. We assure you that Independents will pay close attention to these matters.



Jacqueline Salit

Richard T. Robol,
President, Independent Ohio

cc: Trump Transition Team

You Can Sign this letter at


Retired Cosmetologist reinventing myself as a professional digital media consultant. Studied Hospitality at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa Florida where I interned with "Celebrity Catering" and "Live Nation". That internship exposed me to professional catering and gave me great preparation and implementation skills. Mother of two young men, grandmother of two grandsons. I became a parent advocate first and learned that my community also needed advocating. Studying Digital Media and Black and White Photography at Community College of Philadelphia to produce professional documentation of the various issues and concerns in our society.

3 thoughts on “The #PoliticalRevolution

  • November 20, 2016 at 19:48

    I am a fan of rank voting myself. I think this years election would have turned out different if there was rank voting. I also agree that the turn out for voting needs to be higher. Voter turn out needs to be increased in the midterms as well.
    The fact that no governor has won the poplar vote since 1998 is terrifying. This means the major of people who vote in that state never get the candidate they desire.

  • November 21, 2016 at 11:46

    I think that would be done is what I talked about in my ” Block vote ” blog. Where as long as there was transparency to where the money is going and to who. The largest donors are the big banks . This is why the federal reserve has so much power over the economy .


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