One Year of TPPN

One year ago on May 26th, 2016 I created The People’s Perspective & News (TPPN). Here is a video of me talking about that creation.

What’s next!

This year I would like to produce double the material I made in TPPN’s first year. I already have my first major project thought out. I will be doing more interviews and going to more events.  Year one was a really big learning year for me. I am going to make better decisions for the brand in the second year. I plan on using the skills and processes that I learned in the last year to create better content. I also plan on displaying the website’s content on other outlets more often. I think our team can double the website traffic. I plan on helping the team grow. I will put more time and effort into creating systems that are operator friendly and effective. I am really excited for the second year of The People’s Perspective & News. I see good happening for TPPN.


Desmond Taylor

Hi my Name is Desmond Taylor. I am the founder of The People's Perspective & News. I have my views, but they can always be changed with information given by other. I created this website so people could talk about social and political issues in a intellectual matter. You can read more about the website in the about section. You can learn more about me by following me here and on twitter @Desmond_TPPN.

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