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  • I agree with both Desmond and Susie on this. The process needs to be more affordable, more clear and well defined. And acceptable streamline with regulations followed.

  • I was baptized Roman Catholic. Since I’ve been through almost every type of religion man has made. Those I didn’t practice I took a genuine interest in learning about over time. I guess theology was one of my man […]

    • That is a pretty cool concept. It can sound a little crazy, but I am not against it. However that does not mean that I agree 100{ad240bdc933e8291c170e386d0b01f82788bc4a8ea0d319192e75b222859f323}. For me it does not matter. The only thing that matter is what we do with the time we have on this planet.

      I don’t see a point where all human dies, but I see a point where every day “essentials” will no longer be available. I think it will cause people to start killing each other for the same amount of resources that remain. After that there will be very few people who will be able to produce food, clean water, electricity, and other things that power our lives. When the point is reach money will no longer be a commodity unless you are using it to start a fire.

      All religion preaches love and hate. I think people learn about these takes these books and use them to confirm what they already believe. I knew read a religious book cover to cover. I have looked at the good and bad in most religions and they seem to be about the same. Overall I can tell you that most people are not a reflection of their religion. I would like to get deeper into that and I will do that by writing a blog and tagging it in the comments.

    • the personal journey can be so beautiful and life changing for the better when we are open to exploring all sides!! thanks for sharing this important journey in your life!!

  • I feel like there are a great number of regular people willing to live simpler lives in the pursuit of renewable energy. I think the choice/option of it would be a more feasible push for it. For example have certain states or certain community areas committing to renewable energy. (with approval of current residents prior) Then it makes it more of…[Read more]

  • Humanity overall is disappointing.. gotta keep fighting the good fight!

  • That’s a good thought. However is there a way to verify that each would be an individual? Otherwise I see the same thing happening as far as election fraud where somehow dead people cast votes..

  • Don’t discourage others from voting; if you choose to vote, vote your personal values.

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    Makes sense. Zoning laws are quite complex.

  • Very interesting! I would be interested in learning more about this website as well.

  • Mental illness is on the rise and a true underlying cause of much of the negativity, tragedy, and violence going on. Drug addiction and overdoses are on the rise. Many of the people who are dying of these drugs do […]

    • Hey, I very strongly agree. Mental Illnesses, and the treatment of, needs readjusted.
      I also believe, that the term “illness,” isn’t proper. I’m not trying to say, it’s politically incorrect, I’m saying like, I don’t feel they’re “ill” so to say. I feel it’s simply a disconnect, between the people, and handling how we treat, life situations. I’m not saying, there is no such thing as mental illness..
      In reality, what is normal? Where is the line drawn, between stabile, and un?

      • I feel like some mental illnesses are a scam. I feel that way about many personality disorders. If you read some of the symptoms in DSM-V, which is the manual they use to diagnose mental illnesses, many people can fit into these disorders. By setting that standard of personality disorder to be not fitting in the standards of “the perfect robot” the health system has created a scam to get people on drugs when they don’t need it.

    • Agreed, Desmond.

    • Don’t even get me started with mental illness in this country. I wasn’t born and raised here and i can tell you this, this country is out of control with drugs prescribed by doctors. From very early age on if you take your child to a doctor here they overdose you and prescribe drugs that are not even necessary. A lot of parents give their kids benedryl to keep them calm and quiet. That’s absolutely awful. Also, not a lot of people are on healthy diets. That all feeds into mental illness as well. All the chemicals people consume. How can you not turn crazy. I personally do not take any medication unless absolutely necessary. I use natural sources. It is really sad to see how many people suffer from mental illness.

    • right, I saw some state make it legal to use some sort of horse tranquilizer on your children.
      “Prescription drug abuse, while most prevalent in the US, is a problem in many areas around the world including Europe, Southern Africa and South Asia. In the US alone, more than 15 million people abuse prescription drugs, more than the combined number who reported abusing cocaine, hallucinogens, inhalants and heroin.” (drugfreeworld.org )

  • Absolutely! And the most local of politicians are often the younger ones trying to break in and make changes; it seems to always start from the bottom up. They need the most support overlooking them is overlooking the people doing the most work within the local community.

  • ‘Small Business Saturday’ simply isn’t enough. The middle class is disappearing; homegrown American farmers are disappearing. You can see it firsthand driving down main street of small town America every time […]

    • I like to support small businesses as well. I have started a small business and I know how hard it is to find loyal customer when people love your product. It is ashamed, because people that are generally close to you will not even support your business. A lot of the problem many activist have steam back to the corporate machine. The best way to keep the machine at bay is to feed it as little as possible. I try within good reason to shop local and help the small guy. I could do better, but it something that I have to do more research into. When I can’t do that I like to go to places where the money are going to people who really need it. By that I mean I rather buy my books at a theft shop than a book store because the thrift shop is more likely to lose it’s funding to pay for it’s employee. Many people that I know that have small business are doing it for free for the first couple of years. That is horrible to think about. This means that these people are running a business and working some where else just to create a business and/or a better independent future. Since I am living the experience I been thinking about how I can help these smaller businesses. I have not come up with a perfect plan yet, but I hope to.

    • I am member website that loans out money to small biz and in form of peer to peer lending . It involves bitcoin but the loans are largely in dollars .

    • bitbond.com is the site and here is a short video about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G-41lw7QCg

    • Thank you, sir!

  • I live in a generation where peers both younger and older me work in positions of hard labor, long hours, multiple jobs, or otherwise unfavorable working conditions. I know a lot of people forgoing family time and […]

  • I have voted in every eligible election since I turned eighteen. I like to encourage people to get out and vote. I don’t tell people who to vote for; I don’t even tell people who I think they should vote for. My […]

    • I agree with you. This will be the first year that I look down the whole ticket. The first time I voted I didn’t do it because I didn’t understand the point of it and the last time I didn’t do it because I was lazy. After that I said it not very activist like to just vote on one other thing when I know we are being screwed from many different angles. With that being said I have to start voting the years between the 4 year cycle. It is just as important to vote in these elections that are looked over because they are not televised as much.

      • Absolutely! And the most local of politicians are often the younger ones trying to break in and make changes; it seems to always start from the bottom up. They need the most support overlooking them is overlooking the people doing the most work within the local community.

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    only local laws if anything! I have a close friend with an urban farming/education initiative for the inner city in Philly. http://philadelphiaurc.wixsite.com/purc

  • Community gardens can be a really wonderful and beautiful thing. I also believe it’s up to people and/or households themselves as well to take it upon themselves to grow food. My apartment where I currently live is on the third floor of a building. I don’t have outdoor space with actual ground but I’ve found container gardening is perfect for…[Read more]

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  • Jill Stein will be on mainstream media source CNN tonight! #WakeUpAmerica there are more than 2 options!

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