Humanity’s Misuse of Theology and Beliefs

I was baptized Roman Catholic. Since I’ve been through almost every type of religion man has made. Those I didn’t practice I took a genuine interest in learning about over time. I guess theology was one of my many secondary interests after all. Having gone through everything from the differences between Catholicism and Lutheranism, to active practicing in paganism; I think I have finally at 29, developed what my own real true personal beliefs are.

((Without judgement I share my honest personal conclusions in the following paragraph))

Evolution was right; in a way. We weren’t placed here. We didn’t begin from one man and one woman. I suppose genders were already an existent earthly variable. There were monkeys here, for certain, before humans. I believe an alien species paid a visit to our planet, injected or otherwise distributed some of their dna/genetics within some of the monkey species present. I believe we are evolved from humans and our true creators who man has distorted as ‘God’ for profits under various names. We’re human. We’re ignorant. The alien species that visited is peaceful and far more intellectually advanced then us as a species I believe. We may very well just have been one of many science experiments to them; the human species.

I have a strong sense that we are coming to a point in time in humanity where we will either be commutatively forced to evolve; or self-destruct. I fear the latter is the more fathomable result unfortunately. Almost every religion on earth preaches the same message. That message is love, peace. ‘Love thy Neighbor’. It’s the ultimate bottom line. So why then do we point to religious differences as a means for war or violence? One thing that always baffled me about the views in Roman Catholicism was the idea that anyone not baptized Catholic was by default, going to ‘hell’. Much akin to what eventually led me to leave the Catholic church entirely. The concept of anyone who commits suicide also receiving a ‘hell by default’ sentence. As an individual with struggles in the likes of clinical depression even as a child the concept was an internal conflict of reason. As I grew I took time to educate myself on other various world religions. I wanted answers to my conflicts; answers to my questions. What I found laid in either one of two categories: more eastern philosophy related, or more science-oriented. Science has proved through scientific methods; both trust and falsities. Organized religion to this effect no means aside from dividing humanity. Acceptance as well as altruism are a greater goal. However; I cannot ignore the breaches that modern theology has given way to. Justifications of terrorism based upon religion seem only to me as a means to divide humanity further. Is there not a higher truth of conscience which says all theology within modern humanism should before all else, co-exist? In a much broader spectrum; the prophets of theology are all alike in a means and different in only for which of major faiths I can speculate. Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus, they were all similar in form of prophet. All similar in teachings, in speech. What caused Christianity to put Jesus on a pedestal above all others of mankind, when Buddha and Mohammed were humble enough to admit they were not ‘God’ but rather prophets? Christianity has turned to a device far more potent than the latter two eastern faiths. What religion preaches you MUST be organized as a faith? Why is it not acceptable to simply pray to this creator of your own timing and accord? And furthermore should a religion be receiving any type of governmental assistance for merely being ‘organized’? Bills say ‘In God We Trust’ but more Americans are atheist or agnostic then ever before in history. Faith comes in many forms. There should be no true means to define the structure of such. Co-existence is the greater concern.



Remember regularly the priority teaching of world faiths;

‘Love Thy Neighbor’


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2 thoughts on “Humanity’s Misuse of Theology and Beliefs

  • June 21, 2017 at 09:13

    That is a pretty cool concept. It can sound a little crazy, but I am not against it. However that does not mean that I agree 100{ad240bdc933e8291c170e386d0b01f82788bc4a8ea0d319192e75b222859f323}. For me it does not matter. The only thing that matter is what we do with the time we have on this planet.

    I don’t see a point where all human dies, but I see a point where every day “essentials” will no longer be available. I think it will cause people to start killing each other for the same amount of resources that remain. After that there will be very few people who will be able to produce food, clean water, electricity, and other things that power our lives. When the point is reach money will no longer be a commodity unless you are using it to start a fire.

    All religion preaches love and hate. I think people learn about these takes these books and use them to confirm what they already believe. I knew read a religious book cover to cover. I have looked at the good and bad in most religions and they seem to be about the same. Overall I can tell you that most people are not a reflection of their religion. I would like to get deeper into that and I will do that by writing a blog and tagging it in the comments.

  • June 21, 2017 at 09:42

    the personal journey can be so beautiful and life changing for the better when we are open to exploring all sides!! thanks for sharing this important journey in your life!!


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