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          I have had many private conservation about Donald Trump. I generally don’t like to trend hop and I honestly believe the discuss of him becoming President is just another trend. When I speak about social and political issues I like to get deep down into the actual problem. If you think about it you may agree with my statement about it being another trendy topics. Most are no longer talking about locking Hillary up, Bernie Sanders, or Jill Stein. Even #NoDAPL has taken a back seat. On each one of these subject I have spoken about them on a public platform once or twice. Perhaps I was on another networks show or I just had to say something in relation to it, but I never attempted to make these things my focus. Someone told me I was doing a disfavor, to others, by not talking about subjects like this. I decided that I would compile a few of the questions and answers that I have had with the many that I talk to about Donald Trump. The questions are their and the answers are mine. My hope is that you will understand why I don’t waste my time trend hopping, following the mass media shadow, or even attempt to be a anti-media. This is a pretty long passage, so you can always watch the video on the bottom. I personally think the read is better because it is more detailed.

What do you think of Donald Trump?


First I want to say that I will be In Washington, DC on the 20th. I will not be there to celebrate or protest anything directly related to Trump.

I think Donald Trump is a direct reflect of the overall government branch has been doing for years. So people are so offended because they have been ignorant or denying it for a long time.

My hopes that the emphasis on his poorer qualities will be what makes the changes to the United States that are long need.    

We can talk about racism, womanizing, tax evasion, bad cabinet picks, inconsistency, bad business handles etc., but that has been qualities of members of the government for a long time. There has been countless elected officials who have had confirmed sandals.

Some have led to arrest and some are sweep under the rug by other officials. In my opinion that makes them aids to the crime itself. Another thing that has made these issues disappear is the lack of knowledge to history. This happens for two reason. It happens because our historical education system is shaped charge to make America look like the good guy and victor at all points in time. It is impossible to learn from mistakes if we neglect to admit to them. 

The second reason is because the media and the anti-media kind use somewhat of the same tactics to gain viewership. Many of these entities are attempting to keep up with the trends instead of address the issues on a broad level. When you decide to talk about events without reference the whole problem it makes it very hard to stop the whole problem.     

Conspiracy is one of those things that are used on the citizens all too often, while elected officials and their connections are more like to get immunity, pardons, and special deals or sentencing.

That only brings up another issue that is obvious in the American justice system and culture. Those who are in or connect to the American justice system have a VIP pass when it comes to wrongdoing. It reaches pass the elected officials. It extends to police officers and members of the military. It is just not within the American justice system it is also a social matter. That can lead backed to shaped charged education if you consider how the American society teaches kids who is bad and good based from appearance.

How do you feel about the wall between the Mexican- American border?


I am not a fan. The first reason I am not a fan. As a person who cares about all humans I believe people should be able to travel to any land they wise.

A lot of people will not agree because they start to talk about taxes and holding people accountable for law breaks.

So let me talk about taxes first. Taxes is something that 90{ad240bdc933e8291c170e386d0b01f82788bc4a8ea0d319192e75b222859f323} of people who not pay if they were not forced by law. There are plenty people who talk about illegal aliens not paying taxes, but are involved in nontaxed paying businesses. Some of them are customers, some are employees, and some are the business operator themselves.

There are not too many people who are turning in their drug dealer because they don’t pay taxes. There are not many people who refuse under the table work if it is available. There are a lot of these people who talk about illegals not paying taxes, but run business of the books, so they do not have to pay taxes. If you deal with a business that does cash only in today’s time you are probably dealing with a business that is cooking the book for their best benefit. It is highly likely if you are paying cash tips the person who retrieves that money is not claiming it as pay. So I see this as the pot calling the kettle black when some people complain about taxes.

I don’t want to pay taxes. The main reason I don’t want to pay them is I know where the money goes. First and foremost the tax money the government collects never cover the spending that they do. Secondly I do not want my money going towards war, the death of others. If you want the wall to be erected you should be fighting to get the Americans out of countries that they are occupying.         

The legal ramification is a lot harder to cover. However the first thing that you must realize is not all laws are made in the best interest of the common person. As well as I said before the law and punishment for breaking the law is not equal. Many time people compare similar crime with different results to push an agenda or prove a point, but there is a little more thought that needs to go into these scenarios. The first thing to consider is often these punishment come from different jurisdiction. This means that the judge in that area gets to pick the punishment for the crime.

I believe that these judges should be pretty close in the ruling, but that is never the case when it comes to citizens breaking the law. Each area has different focus points when it comes to crime. Sadly most of the focus points are directed towards those who will have a harder time legally defending themselves. The only time that most judges seem to be think the same is when it comes to other officials and celebrities. The best way to fix this problem is to make the sentencing standards better standardized. There should be no such thing as 1-5 years for a crime. The gap should not be that large. This is only an example for an unnamed crime. The standard should be 1- 1.5 years, and anything higher should be classified as a different crime where the sentence is 2-4 years, and so on with the different levels of crime. I am very aware that the system is set up this way currently, but the sentencing for many crimes has too much play room for a judge not to include his personal bias or political agendas.

To get closer to the relation of crime, the wall, and illegals committing crime. It hard to say with my current beliefs. Since there are so many different laws and different cultures it would be hard to keep everyone on the same legal playing field. In my eyes that has a lot to do with how we teach each other’s within this countries and away out of this country. We live in a place where a kid can get picked on every day and no one does anything about it. Then the kid shoots up the school and guns are the problem. Well a gun can be a problem in anyone hands that has bad intentions. The root of this problem is no one was punished for treated said kid poorly.

America is a country that is willing to let the government do anything to protect their land and their rights, but will not extend the same courtesy to people in other countries. If you believe something is unfair to the American people you should feel the same way if it is happening to other countries or people’s land. However many people are willing to look past that, because it is the same hardship to others that make their lives more privileged than others.          

How do you feel about the Russian Hacks?


I have no proof that the Russians’ hacked anything. I do not believe what the mass media puts out there, and I have a harder time trusting the government. Furthermore there is someone who is already taking responsibly for the act. Wiki leaks is calling it a leak not a hack. All in all how the information was retrieve does not matter to me in the particular situation. What really matter is the information that was released.

The information has not been denied. That’s enough to tell me that it true.

This question could lead into fake news. Let’s expand that to propaganda however. Since 2013 it has been legal for the United States government to use propaganda on its own citizens. It was also found that the United States government was making fake news in foreign countries to sway the actions of the locals. All the major new outlets are owned by a small group of people. The information that is carried out to the mass is directed by them. People have lost their jobs for going against the agenda of what is meant to change how American citizens feel.

Some time I cannot even be sure about the other news stations that are telling it like it is. Obviously I am in media and I know many people in media. I see the tactics that some of these groups use. I am not a fan of these groups that are forces their train of thought upon you. That is what got us to the current state of talking about fake news in the first place. I feel like what is much different. I let people give their perspectives, and I give mine on the same platform. The People’s Perspective & News does not have a direct political agenda. Our goal is to open up communication to create progress and human longevity. For that to happen we must use the three things that I talk about daily. Those things are communication, compassion, and compromise. Without that we will always have the same degree of disconnect that we have today. The power may change from one person or group to another, but as long as they are pushing for their right instead of a middle group for the whole population the people who are in charge will always gain more power than intended.

So, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America, but I don’t think that will have a major impact on me. I believe that the President is a person to blame. Many members of congress have been there for as long as I have been alive or most of my life and victimization has not stop. Sure it has changed, and many time for the better, but that is because I am privileged. They have not changed for the better for everyone. When I make that statement you must know when I say everyone I am thinking of all human life. That includes the people of the prison industrial complex, the poor, the under medicated and over medicated, the people in the city with no credit and the people in the suburbs with maxed out credit. When I say everyone I speak of the people who are currently being bombed, the people who take a stand and receive a label that makes Americans dislike them. I consider the people who lose their land to fracking and pipelines, and the people who are slaves in other countries so Americans can gets good. 
I am an American because I was born in this land, and the United States Government said he belongs to us. I was a United States soldier because I thought it would bring this world better. I learned nothing of that means nothing because there is little pride in being fooled to handle someone else’s dirty work even if the ignorant praise you. I simply say bring on Donald Trump because he will be just as good and bad as the rest of them. Like any other person he can be dealt with if he does not fit within the likes of others. It has happened before the government paid money after losing a lawsuit for the death of MLK, there are conspiracy that the government killed off Kennedy, and with or without that conspiracy regular people have attempted or did in fact get rid of someone in power. There has been countless officials who stepped down before being removed by force. In fact it is happens all too often. It goes back to when I was talking about officials and their connection adhering to a different level of law. One quit example are police officers. If you ever noticed that a police officer who is guilty of a crime resigns it is so he does not lose his license. If they are fired they will likely lose their license. If they leave on their own they can work somewhere else. Public officials do that as well. Some do it so they do not get disbarred and some do it to avoid criminal charges. The average person is not granted that path way.   

I have no need to stress or be worried. In fact there is a big difference between stress and anxiety. Stress is good. It is what we use to protect our lives. If I need to protect my life I will do so. I will not be anxious about a changeover of one man to another in the White House.  

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