The People’s Perspective & News is a network for individuals to discuss social and political topics. It was founded by Desmond Taylor in early 2016. TPPN is a place for people to meet and share concepts that can change the world for the greater good. The website is here to help discover a common ground on a variety of issues present in today’s world. The progression we seek to obtain is when the masses united instead of fight among each other. Feel free to sign up with us and write a blog for members and visitors to see. The People’s Perspective & News was established to get the unheard, but more common, perspectives out into the public ear. Our intent is to give people who care about social and political circumstances a platform to express themselves and their views safely and constructively.

          As you dig deeper into the website you will see an array of people. There are doctors, lawyers, law-enforcement, military, ex-criminals and activist. Anyone who wants change should know one person or one group of people that can make changes that will be fair to everyone. TPPN is aware that an array of people are needed to create progression. We host intelligent open-minded material and conversation that could lead to solutions for problems that are presently a threat to human rights and existence. If you are willing to understand other’s perspectives and find solutions to bring these atrocities to light, this is the place for you.

          The People’s Perspective & News is different from other social media and blog websites. Most social media has a lot of your personal information, it becomes hard to connect with new people. This happens because the security settings you use to protect yourself stops you from expanding your relationships with others. TPPN has open profiles, which makes it easier for others to see your blogs, events, and comments. The only information that is shared from your profile on The People’s Perspectives & News is a username, comments and blogs. As a user you may add more information. If you have your own website, blog, social media, or YouTube channel or you can add it to your profile if you desire. The People’s Perspective & News has a more diverse audience that any other entity covering social and political topics. After reading this you may be a part of it, because we value your perspective.

          The best offensive measure to produce change is communication. Social and political complaints are invalid if you do not try to fix the problem. Bickering, cursing, and insulting will not bring the human species closer to one another. This website is not made for those negative things. Enough valid complaints about those things can lead to account suspension and/or termination. The People’s Perspective & News hold no legal liability to what members submit. Unethical use of intellectual property will be removed and user account will be terminated. Misusing the website in other ways can lead to loss of account privileges.

          The People’s Perspective & News asks you to try your hardest to be respectful and considerate to everyone who visits the website and other parts of the network. Everyone on the website will not agree with one another, but we are here looking for solutions to problems that we see currently. It is imperative that you are respectful of other people’s work as well. Please cite any information retrieved from someone other than yourself. It is respectful to the person who did the work, and it shows where that information came from. This is important so others can research the facts that you declare. All blogs will be screened by administrators of this website, however the wording or grammar will not be changed. (So, please edit!) We will not change what you say or think. The People’s Perspective & News must make sure blogs are not plagiarized or poorly written. Our members look forward to sharing.