A Direct Reflection of The Business

          Have you ever gone to a business establishment and wondered why they have such rude staff. I have been to my share and I bet you have too. Have you ever seen someone yelling and flipping out because of the service that they were provided? I have, and I could bet again that you have too. I personally never reach that point because I understand how businesses treat the people that work for them. A bad employee is a direct reflection of the employer. That may seem like an obvious statement, but you may not be perceiving it the way that I am saying it. It is well known that a person who wears the uniform represents a company, but most of the time that same person’s attitude is a reflection of how the company and management treats them.

Watch this video below to see the psychology behind the personalities behind employees!

          To summarize this video, while adding in a few of my comments you will see that the that people are the face of the business is often being treated poorly by the people who run the business. The people that you deal with are over worked and under paid. The people who get the money that you give that company mostly goes to the people that you will never interact with. However, the personality of the people that you do interactive with through them will tell you everything and more about the owner and upper management of that business.

        When I notice a negative trend from a business I take a stand that last further past the 5 minutes of relief you get from putting someone in their place. I divest from that business. (I do not have stock in companies, but I believe any money that you spend is an investment.) Simply put the business will no longer have me as a customer. I choose to do this because this action will be as long standing as the company’s mentality to the people they employ. The business will continue to hire people and treat them in a fashion that will lead to more unhappy employees. I know when people work at places that make them happy they will likely do the most they can to make the people who need their products and services happy, and a business that treats people well will not keep a person who is making the business look bad. That correlation makes it easy for me to tell what business owners deserve my money and which don’t.

What do you do when you experience bad service when as a customer at a business?


Desmond Taylor

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2 thoughts on “A Direct Reflection of The Business

  • February 11, 2017 at 17:48

    I saw a study that about half of Americans are unhappy at their current jobs. Its not a simple as how they being treated but is it really something that want to do . If you don’t like how your being treated or paid. Start your own business.

    • February 12, 2017 at 10:20

      There are many factors that come into play when it comes to people not being happy at their current job. Many people do not even work in a occupation that they are not passionate about. Some just aren’t productive and lack of production is horrible for the brain. Many do not get enough mental breaks, which makes the work that they do complete not as fulfilling.
      The base of the blog was the employees that you work with then to treat you the way their bosses treat you. Have you ever gone into a store and asked someone for help and they say that it is not their department, and leave you high and dry? Someone who works for an organization that treats them well and helps them to their best will likely do everything possible to do the same for the customer. The people who attempt to evade the customer for their own work likely feel like no one is going to help them with theirs or they will get in trouble for not completing their work even though the larger goal is to please the customer. If you have not have that experience in a store perhaps you had it in a restaurant when asking a server for a refill or something to that nature.
      I agree that if you don’t like your job for any reason you have the power to change it, but it is not always that easy for someone. Leaving a job or starting a business is a risk. There are a lot of skills sets an employee may not have to become a boss or to get a job that makes them happy. I believe that first that person needs to work on themselves and ‘make the grass greener” where they stand to create a better future or they will put themselves in the same position in due time.


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